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2016 PEYC Annual Awards

The Herb Young Memorial Award

Herb Young was a longtime PEYC member who passed away in the mid 1990’s. Herb contributed a great deal to the Club and was well know for always helping out his fellow boaters. The Herb Young Memorial Award was initiated in1995 and is awarded annually to a Club member who provides valued assistance to the Club and fellow boaters, contributes to the PEYC boating community and is considered the "most valuable Club member". The recipient must be a non-Executive, Club member.

This year, a number of nominees were received. Commodore Rob was pleased to announce that the recipients of the Herb Young Award for 2016 are Trudy and Gerd Burgel. The Burgel’s were nominated by several fellow Club members. Gerd is very knowledgeable about boating matters having been boating for most of his life. Both Trudy and Gerd are always available to provide assistance to their fellow boaters and for sharing their vast knowledge and experiences......if you don’t know how to do something, Gerd usually does, and he always knows the easiest way to get it done. And thank you to Trudy for watching out for all of us!

Honourable mention this year go to other nominees Rob and Colleen Cawdeary and Murray Esbaugh. Although Murray is not a Club member and is therefore not eligible for the Herb Young Award, he is always available to assist with his fellow boaters which is greatly appreciated by all.

Commodore’s Award

The Commodore’s Award is awarded annually by the Commodore to the person(s) serving on the PEYC Executive in recognition of their outstanding and dedicated service on the Club Executive.

Commodore Rob presented the 2016 Commodore's Award to Betsy Palko . Rob thanked Betsy for her many years of service to the Club as Treasurer and her assistance with timing during lift in / lift out. Betsy has been a valuable Executive member who has always kept the Club on the "straight and narrow" with respect to Club finances. Thank you Betsy!!

Past Award Recipients

YEAR Herb Young Memorial Award
(Most Valuable Club Member)
Commodore’s Award
In Recognition of outstanding and dedicated service on the Executive
2019 .. Wayne Connor
2018 Marilyn & Hugh Grahame Wendy and Vic Sinclair
2017 Ron France Bart and William Toby
2016 Trudy & Gerd Burgel Betsy Palko
2015 John Ross Ron & Barb France
2014 Henry Pope 2014 Executive
2013 Tom McNabb 2013 Executive
2012 Ed Van Kessel Valerie Grieve
2011 NA NA
2010 George Sicord Gladys Elliott
2009 Peter Richards Henry Weickert
2008 Ron Palko NA
2007 Gerda Toby Hank Toby
2006 Dr. Joe von Heymann Tony Friesinger
2005 Ron Palko Henry Weickert
2004 Ron Palko
2003 Vic & Wendy Sinclair
2001 Ron France
1996 Roy McDermott
1995 Roy McDermott
1993 Wendy Sinclair
1992 Wendy Sinclair
1989 John Doherty
1988 "Cradle Crew"
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