About Us

The Port Elgin Yacht Club has approximately 50 members, predominately sailboat owners but our membership also includes power boaters and non-boaters alike. Club activities include an organized spring lift-in and fall lift-out, special sailing events, potluck socials and a club sailing / racing program. During the summer, many of our Club members travel together to explore the North Channel, go for a weekend anchorage in the Fishing Islands or sail to Kincardine for an overnight stay. Our activities are not limited to the boating season – we hold several social functions during the offseason as wellOur members are avid boaters and enjoy promoting sailing and cruising to people who do not have the opportunity to experience the fun of being on a boat. 

The Port Elgin Harbour, promoted as the Harbour of Hospitality, has evolved into an active marine centre during the boating season to the benefit of local and transient boaters and has become a popular summer attraction for tourists, seasonal and local residents. 

Port Elgin Power & Sail Inc. is governed by an Executive Board, which includes Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary, Rear Commodore, Fleet Captain, as well as Membership and Social Directors, all of whom are elected by the membership.

Our History

The Port Elgin Boat Club was started in 1946 by local boaters. The boaters felt there was a need for an organized group to assist one another, promote boating in the Port Elgin area and to improve the docking infrastructure in the Port Elgin Harbour. In the 1990’s, the Club name was changed to the Port Elgin Power & Sail Inc. and operated as the Port Elgin Yacht Club.