Sailing & Racing

Port Elgin Yacht Club
2023 Sailing & Racing Program

The 2023 Race & Sailing Program will be active this year with events for both racing and non-racing members.

See below for Sunday Race Series and Mini-Regatta information.
Please refer to our EVENTS page for details about our Summer Sailstice Rally, Canada Day Rally, Commodore’s Sailpast & Potluck Social, and Annual Around-the-Island Rally & Potluck Social.

Race your own sailboat or crew for another skipper…All members are welcome to participate!

2023 Sunday Race Series

Our Sunday Race Series will begin in June. Skippers’ meetings will be in the North Harbour Parking Lot near the Jin-pole at 9:00 am on race mornings. Skippers and crew are welcome to attend.


Please keep in mind that racing is weather dependent – races may be postponed or canceled due to high winds or waves, thunderstorms, or poor sailing conditions. Our races are meant to be fun and safe, so we will take a conservative approach to ensure our racers.


  • June 18
  • June 25
  • July 2
  • August 20
  • August 27
  • September 3
  • September 17

Why participate in the racing program if my main focus is cruising?

We can all get a little bit lazy about our sail trim when we are just out for an afternoon sail without a particular destination in mind. Racing is a great way to practice your sailing and trimming skills, and put your rigging and sails to the test. Knowing that your skills and equipment are solid provides a lot of peace of mind in case you are ever caught out on the water when the weather changes or something unexpected happens.

Participating in the Racing Program is a great way to get to know other members. Enjoy some good-natured competition, hone your sailing skills, and earn bragging rights.

Plus, it’s a great incentive to get your boat out on the water!

What is a PHRF rating and why do I need one?

Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) is a standard handicapping system used for sailboat racing to allow sailboats of different classes and sizes to compete in the same race and still be competitive. So even though you may not be the first to cross the finish line, you might still get the bragging rights for the race!

How do I know if my boat already has a PHRF rating and if it doesn't, how do I get one?

PEYC uses the Midwest Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (MWPHRF) list to determine ratings for each boat. To apply for a MWPHRF Handicap Certificate, please visit Midwest PHRF (


Questions? Use the contact form below to request more information about the Racing Program